Zomato Tried To Win Hearts Of The People !! Check Out The Hilarious Reactions !!


Nearly a couple of month ago, Internet witnessed a bizarre video of delivery eating the food which he was supposed to deliver to the customer. The man ate from one pack, leveled the food so it looks untouched, and sealed the pack back. He then went on to do the same thing with two other parcels.

Finally, he tapes the packs shut and takes off to deliver these packs. Soon after the video went viral, the food ordering giant apologised on social media.

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In its apology post, Zomato said that the delivery partner had been ‘taken off’ the platform, “We take these kinds of reports extremely seriously and upon thorough investigation, we’ve found that the video was shot in Madurai. The person in the video happened to be a delivery partner on our fleet. We have spoken to him at length – and while we understand that this was a human error in judgment, we have taken him off our platform.”

Zomato’s has the best twitter account as far as marketing is concerned. Known for it’s witty posts to cover the audience, Zomato always been in the receiving end of social media.

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Their recent post almost won the hearts of it’s followers but missed it due to the trollers. In their most relatable funniest post, Zomato mentioned about Biryani and elachi says RVCJ. Check out their tweet here :

Zomato’s tweet seemed really funny, but the fact that it dismissed the elaichi – biryani combo caught people’s attention. A lot of people instantly started trolling Zomato, and the responses are hilarious.

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