Youth’s Whatsapp Message To His Friends Before Taking Extreme Decision!!

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Youth who was about to marry the daughter of a leading hospital’s CEO, committed suicide after a complaint was filed against him by his long time girlfriend. Now, screenshot of the WhatsApp message he sent to his friends before taking the extreme step, got surfaced in the social media platforms. Through the long message, the youth expressed his love towards his friends.

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Initially, a search has been launched for a 27-year-old man, identified as Nishanth, who is believed to have jumped into Porur Lake in Tamil Nadu after fearing arrest. Police and personnel from the Tamil Nadu Fire and Rescue Services are involved in the search. Now, going by the latest report, officials found the dead body of Nishanth from Porur lake.

The incident stems from a complaint filed by a woman who was Nishanth’s classmate in school. The woman alleged that Nishanth had fallen in love with her and promised to marry her. In order to fulfil this promise, Nishanth allegedly received ₹68 lakh from the woman, which she had obtained by selling her property.

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However, Nishanth was engaged to the daughter of a CEO in a leading private hospital, and the marriage was called off after the case was booked by the all-women police station in Virugambakkam. It is unclear at this time what specific charges were filed against Nishanth.


On Sunday night, Nishanth reportedly went to a bar with friends and then drove a friend’s car to Porur. Later, he sent WhatsApp messages to his friends indicating that he was about to end his life and then turned off his mobile phone.

In the letter, Nishanth expressed his regret over not being able to spend his final moments with his friends Reghu and Lalit. He asked his friends not to worry about his death and said that hhe deserve to die. Nishanth also mentioned his situation  as “awkward” due to which he couldn’t survive.

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Here’s the screen shot of his Whatsapp message :

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Watch the video below :

The search for Nishanth’s body began on Monday and his body was found on Wednesday. The search was called off in the evening of Monday due to the loss of daylight. However, the officials managed to find Nishanth’s dead body. Investigations into the case are ongoing.

This incident highlights the dangers of making false promises and the serious consequences that can result from such actions. It is important for individuals to be truthful and honest in their dealings with others, especially in matters of the heart. Additionally, seeking help and support during difficult times can make a difference and may prevent tragic outcomes.


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