Youths Performed Bike Stunts Infront Of Ladies Bus!! Check What Happened Next

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1 month ago

Youths who performed bike stunts in front of a bus in which women were traveling to their natives, got severely warned by Police after one of girls shot video of the boys and showed it to the Police. It has been reported that the duo are serial offenders and Police traced them with their bike numbers.

Girls who are studying at a Government college located in Sathankulam, Thoothukudi, usually return to their respective native places through a private van. Two youths, wearing T-shirts, presumably born in early 2000s, regularly chased the bus with thier Super Bikes and had race between them.

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They were performing stunts such as riding the bike without touching the handle bar, over-taking the bus without prior signals, staring at the girl students by parking their vehicles at roadside etc. One of the Girls who couldn’t go through such nuisances, started recording the video of the atrocities of the duo.

A formal Police compliant was registered against the youths, alleging that they are disturbing the van driver while driving every now and then. Police traced down the two youths who belong to Anbin Nagar by having their bike numbers.

The youths has been identified as daily wagers at a broomstick manufacturing company. Police said that they bought their vehicles through finance under EMI method and performing stunts in front girls is their regular habit. Police investigation revealed that the youths are trying to get girls fall for them by performing bike stunts in public.

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Police confiscated the bikes from them and made them walk to their respective places. They also severely warned the youths not to repeat such offence again, before letting them go. Police made a public statement, saying that legal action will be initiated against those who create public nuisance by performing such stunts.

In another incident, a youth who performed gymnastic stunt at the centre of the road of Kamaraj Salai near Marina beach, Chennai while vehicles were waiting at the signal, got caught by the Police and received severe warning. Police identified him after he uploaded the video in his Instagram reels to get likes.

Vignesh performing Gymnastic at Marina

Identified as Vignesh, the youth told the Police that they regularly go to the sands of Marina beach to practice the stunts. Last Sunday, he asked his friends to record a video of himself performing the gymnastic stunt at Zebra crossing while public are waiting for green signal.

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Vignesh uploaded the video in his Instagram handle as a result of which, it garnered the attention of all section of online users, including the Police. The youth got tracked down by the cops and became a subject to their investigation.

He reportedly tendered an unconditional apology and promised to Police, saying that he will never repeat such stunts on roads. Police officials allowed him to go home only after issuing a stern warning, says reports.



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