Youths Forced To Travel 80 Kms To Pick Up The Litter They Threw !!


Many of us would have seen or been the person who throw garbages from our vehicle instead of dumping it in a garbage box. Even after so many campaigns, awareness, movements and Public service advertisements, people who throw litters effortlessly on roadside without considering the consequence, are still existing. This incident that took place in Karnataka is going to act as an eye opener for those who are involving themselves in committing such crime. According to reports, two youths were forced to travel 80 plus kilometres with the help of social media platforms to pick up the litter they threw after eating Pizza from their vehicle.

Kodagu Tourism Association’s General secretary, Maditira Thimmaiah cleaned up the tourist spot with the help of the members of Kadagadalu Gram Panchayat during last Wednesday. He cleaned it up after the place got littered by the vehicle users who visit there. He was very much keen on keeping up the hill station clean. To prevent people from throwing garbages there, he was keeping a close watch.

On Friday, at around 2 : 15 PM, While returning to his house, he saw some pizza packets tossed on the road side. He felt extremely dejected on seeing all his efforts of keeping the place clean went in vain. Before throwing the pizza packets into the garbage, Meditira Thimmaiah decided to open it up and see. Luckily he found the bill of the food item which had the person’s phone number. “I called up the person and requested him to return to the spot and pick up the waste” he said to the media.

The youth who picked the call apologized but refused to return and pick up the waste. He reportedly reasoned that he went past Kodagu and could’t return. The General secretary immediately called the local police officials who tried to make them come back only to fail in it. However, Meditira, without giving up, tried another way to make them come back to correct their mistake.

Meditira shared the phone number he found in the pizza box to social media platforms with the details of the entire incident. As a result of it, many people started calling the duo who caused the mistake and requested them to collect their trash by coming back. Embarrassed by the multiple phone, the youth returned at around 3 : 45 PM by traveling nearly 80 kms to pick up their trash.

After handing them over the pizza boxes, people of the locality wrote the duo’s phone numbers and names on them as a warning, suspecting that they would throw it again somewhere. This news caused social media reactions as well.

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Source : Bangalore Mirror


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