Youth Who Was Inquired By Cops Found Dead Without Clothes In Railway Track !! SHOCKING !!


A 22-year-old student, who was picked up by the Railway Protection Force (RPF) for questioning was found dead on the railway tracks near Ponneri on Saturday.

The RPF inspector and constable in-charge in the case have since been suspended for negligence.

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Mouliswaran, from Chinnakavanam village, was a BA Political Science student at LNG College in Ponneri.

Residents of Chinnakavanam village handed him over to the RPF for stealing cables late on Friday night. He was being questioned by the RPF on Saturday morning when the incident happened.

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According to reports, Mouliswaran was taken to Gummidipoondi for questioning by RPF inspector Angad Kumar and constable Vinay Kumar. At around 7.30 am, Mouliswaran stepped out of the station to relieve himself and allegedly jumped over the compound wall and escaped.

The RPF alleged that Mouliswaran killed himself after making a phone call from the trackman’s mobile phone and was found in a decapitated condition by the trackman.

Gummidipoondi SIPCOT police have registered a case against both the RPF personnel in-charge and altered the case to CrPC 176 (Inquiry by Magistrate into cause of death).

As per reports, after hearing of the Mouliswaran’s death, his relatives and other local residents protested by blocking trains near Gummidipoondi railway station.

They submitted a petition to the Revenue Divisional Officer, Ponneri, suspecting foul play in Mouliswaran’s death.

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CCTV footage of Moulishwaran allegedly running away after escaping from the Gummidipoondi RPF police station on Saturday morning.

Ponneri Judicial Magistrate PT Satheesh Kumar has begun a probe into the incident.

An activist, Jeeva, told The Hindu that if Mouliswaran had been let off by the RPF, then his parents should have been informed.

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He also said that Mouliswaran’s death raised suspicions because he was found on the tracks without clothes.

He alleged that Mouliswaran would have died during inquiry and the police would have flung his body onto the tracks and made it appear like suicide.


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