Youth Smiled At Camera After Setting A Girl On Fire !! Outrage Erupted

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7 months ago

Ankita Singh, a class 12 student from Dumka of Jharkhand died after her stalker named Shah Rukh poured petrol on her from distance and set her on fire. After being admitted to hospital with 90% of her body suffering burn injuries, Ankita died on Sunday. Now, a video of the accused smiling at the camera of media while getting arrested has caused an agitation among the public.


Ankita, daughter of a single father who was earning just Rs. 200 per day, was aspiring to become a police officer while she was alive. During her final moments, Ankita said that the accused had called her on her mobile around 10 days ago, pestering her to become his friend. “He called me again around 8 PM on Monday and said that he would kill me if I don’t talk to him” Ankita said.

“I informed my father about the threat, after which he assured me that e would talk to the man’s family on Tuesday. After having our dinner, we went to sleep. I was sleeping on another room. On Tuesday morning, I experienced a sensation of pain in my back and could smell something burning. I found him running away when I opened my eyes. I started screaming in pain and went to my father’s room. My parents doused the fire and doused me to the hospital” the teen girl informed the Police hours before her death.

The accused, reportedly poured petrol on her while she was sleeping in her bedroom. Named as Shah Rukh, the miscreant poured the inflammable fuel on her from the window of her room. The 19 year old succumbed to her burn injuries even after getting admitted to the hospital immediately.

In a video that surface online recently, the accused Shah Rukh was seen smiling at the camera nonchalantly when he was handcuffed and was being taken to a police vehicle.

The video created huge outrage among the public who called the accused out for his shameless smile. “The videos of #Ankita , her family’s screams are so disturbing. I can’t recover from it. The culprit is seen smiling in a video. I hope he is punished till he forgets to smile. Outrageous. I hope Ankita is in a better place than this hell” a social media user said after seeing the video whereas another one wrote “After taking life of an innocent girl “Ankita” this muπdeπeπ “Shahrukh” have audacity to smile and posing attitude even in police custody. Disgusting!”

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