Youth Married Two Women Simultaneously !! Picture Went Viral

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Youth marrying two women on same marriage stage grabbed headlines. In an unconventional wedding ceremony that took place in a village in Bhadradri Kothagudem district of Telangana, a tribal man named M Sattibabu married two women, Swapna and Sunita, with whom he had been in a live-in relationship for the past three years. What’s even more interesting is that both women have a child each from the same man.

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The wedding ceremony was initially scheduled for Thursday morning but was advanced to Wednesday night due to fears that the marriage may be stopped by officials. The news of the wedding had gone viral, and some media persons had reached the village, creating panic among the three families involved.

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Sattibabu, who hails from Yerraboru village, had fallen in love with Swapna and Sunita from two different villages. Despite the families of the two women fighting over the wedding, Sattibabu had managed to convince them that he would marry both of them.

In some tribal communities, it is acceptable for a person to marry two women at the same time, and Sattibabu had printed wedding invitations carrying the names of both brides. This had gone viral, causing panic among the families involved.

The wedding ceremony was attended by a large number of tribals and was performed under a single mandap. This marriage is not the first of its kind in Telangana, as a tribal man in Adilabad district had married two daughters of his aunts in 2021.

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The concept of polygamy, especially marrying more than one woman, is frowned upon by many cultures worldwide. However, in some societies, it is considered acceptable. The reasons for polygamy vary, including economic, social, and cultural factors. In some cases, a man may marry more than one woman to ensure the survival of his family in case of his death.


Polygamy has been a topic of debate for centuries, with some arguing that it promotes gender inequality and violates women’s rights. Others argue that it provides economic security for women and helps maintain social stability. In many countries, polygamy is illegal and considered a criminal offense.

In India, polygamy is illegal under the Hindu Marriage Act, which governs marriages between Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs, and Jains. The act allows only monogamy, meaning a person can only be married to one spouse at a time. However, some Muslim men in India can marry up to four wives under the Muslim Personal Law.

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In conclusion, the wedding of Sattibabu with two women in Telangana is a unique and unconventional event that has attracted attention from many people. While polygamy may be acceptable in some tribal communities, it remains a controversial issue globally. The practice raises questions about gender equality and women’s rights, and it remains a topic of debate in many societies.

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