Yourstory’s Tamilnadu Story – Coimbatore Edition.

4 years ago

The purpose of Your Story’s existence is to evaluate, expound and showcase the awesome spark of creation in every entrepreneur and changemaker.

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Their passion for entrepreneurship and its resounding global resonance is only matched by the zeal to bring our peers onto a single platform for a free-flowing exchange of ideas and visions. They work from all over India to bring the best and the brightest entrepreneurs into the limelight they deserve.


Your Story’s initiation of bringing the entrepreneurs out of regular office goers who works for monthly salary, was generated in Coimbatore recently. The discussion under the topic “Secret To Scaling Up In 2020” took place in Taj Vivanda, near Coimbatore race course.

The ‘Secret to Scaling up in 2020’ conference organised by YourStory was abuzz with budding enthusiastic entrepreneurs and free-flowing business talks all around. The talks were thought-provoking, inspirational real life stories and debates.

Speaking on how to sustain and scale up one’s business, Dr. A Velumani, Chairman of Thyrocare said, “There are always two options. You can either discuss or decide. The one who decides, tends to be successful. Efficiency is the key. Taking risks are very important. Scaling up need not be from 10 to 100 overnight. It has to be done gradually from 10 to 20 to 40 to 80,” he added.


Suhail Sattar, owner of BASICS opined that “aspiration is the key.” “You need to aspire to deliver always and make the customers happy. Being technology-driven and being tech-savvy are also important. Placing trust in people is also extremely important,” he emphasized.


“A lot of people think that scaling up is a huge risk. It need not be,” said C K Kumaravel, CEO and Co-founder of Naturals Salons and Spa. He advised budding entrepreneurs to take risks. “Proper planning and being prepared to face the outcome means you are not being risky. Yes, you will make mistakes. But you need to be mature enough to learn from your mistakes and not get lost in your mistakes,” he reiterated.

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Hemalatha, CEO of Ampere Vehicles felt that staying focused and having a proper discipline were key to scaling up. “Never get disheartened. Just follow your passion and hustle everyday. One day, you will get rewarded,” she encouraged.

“It is people who drive a business. People are the key factor who help you grow as a brand. Know your purpose behind the work that you do,” opined Sujith Kumar, Founder of Maatram Foundation.

“Spend some quality time with your employees and help them understand the purpose behind the work that they do, and your business will grow exponentially,” emphasized Sujith Kumar.


The expert panel at the conference clearly elucidated that scaling up one’s business did not mean that there would be no disappointments.


On asked how to handle disappointments during the panel discussion, the experts said, “Do not have over expectations, stay focused, take advantage of the situation, look at it as a challenge and drive toward your ultimate goal. A business should think about scaling up when they think they can create more job opportunities. The mantra is pretty simple. You need to dream big, start small and keep on moving forward,” was the echoing mantra for a successful business according to all the experts present.


The conference ended with the presentation of awards recognizing eminent entrepreneurs for their achievements in their respective fields.

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