Your Smartphone Fell In Water? Don’t Panic; Just Follow These Steps, Mobile Will Start Working!

Mobile phones have become an integral part of our lives and over time, it has travelled the journey of being a luxury item to an indispensable accessory. They have become such a necessity that even a day without mobiles seems impossible! But have you ever thought what will you do if your smartphone gets wet in the bathroom or in the rain or falls in water?

First of all, the warranty of your phone doesn’t cover your phone repair if it gets wet. Secondly, you are going to lose all the data, photos and conversations!

So here are few steps which might help you in this tough situation and can save your mobile:

1. Pull it out of water immediately.

Don’t even waste a second in taking it out of water! Sometimes a person loses hope as the chances of phone getting repaired are very less but still we will advise that you should try once to repair it.

2. Switch it off!

Most of the times, the mobile phone turns off as it falls in water but if it doesn’t turn off on its own, switch it off immediately as there is a chance of short circuit.

3. Remove the battery.

Remove the battery of your phone as soon as possible so that the energy supply is stopped and the chances of further damage are reduced. However, there are some phones in which battery can’t be removed so in that case, skip this step.

4. Remove SIM card and memory card from the phone.

Remove the SIM card, memory card, cover and plugs from the phone and rub a microfiber cloth or towel on the phone to make it dry. Avoid using paper for this purpose as it may result in clogging of particles in the empty spots of the phone.

5. Keep it in a vacuum bag.

Take a plastic bag and keep the phone in it. After that, suck all the air out of the plastic bag so that vacuum is created. It will result in sucking out of the water left in the inner parts of the phone which was not possible with the cloth or towel.

6. Keep the phone in the bowl of uncooked rice.

It is impossible to completely dry the phone with a cloth or towel or even by creating vacuum so you will need something which will absorb the moisture of the phone and uncooked rice can help you in that. Keep the phone in a bowl of uncooked rice for at least two days.

7. Silica gel sachets:

You can also use silica gel sachets instead of rice.

8. Keep it in a place where it gets heat from the sun

Keep your phone in a place where it gets heat from the sun so that remaining moisture gets finished.

9. Turn it on!

As per the experts and technicians, chances of damages incurred after the phone gets wet are very high but our advice for you is to follow the steps and be positive. However make sure that you don’t try to switch it on before two days because if there is even a tiny drop of water remaining in the phone, it will damage your phone completely.


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