Young Man Murders Girlfriend For Rejecting His Marriage Proposal !! Reason Behind This ??

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3 weeks ago

Young man from Bangaluru brutally killed his girlfriend after she refused to marry him due to pressure from her parents. The victim, Leela Bavitra Nalamathi, was 25 years old and originally from Kakinada in Andhra Pradesh. She had moved to Bengaluru for work and was employed in a private company in the Murugeshpalaya area.

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Screenshot 2023 03 01 at 12.10.41 PM min
Dinakar Banala

The perpetrator, Dinakar Banala, was also from Andhra Pradesh, specifically from the town of Srikakulam. He was 28 years old and worked in a private company in the Domlur area of Bangalore. Dinakar and Leela had been in a relationship for five years and had planned to get married. However, Leela’s family did not approve of the relationship as Dinakar belonged to a different caste.

Leela had informed Dinakar of her family’s disapproval and told him that she had to abide by their decision. This news left Dinakar angry and frustrated, as he was determined to marry Leela. He decided to confront her at her workplace, waiting for her outside the building on Tuesday evening.

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Screenshot 2023 03 01 at 12.10.07 PM min
Leela Pavithra Nalamathi

When Leela emerged from work around 7:30 pm, Dinakar engaged her in an argument about their relationship and the marriage proposal. Suddenly, in a fit of rage, he pulled out a knife and began to repeatedly stab Leela, causing her to collapse in a pool of blood in front of horrified witnesses. The attack was brazen and took place in full view of the public.

The police were quickly notified about the incident and rushed to the scene. Dinakar was apprehended and taken into custody. A case was registered against him, and the police began an investigation into the murder.

The tragic incident has raised concerns about the prevalence of violence against women in relationships, especially in cases where the woman’s family opposes the union. The issue of caste-based discrimination also came to the fore in this case, highlighting the challenges faced by inter-caste couples in India.

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Incident Spotted Area

The incident also highlights the need for more comprehensive legal protection for women in such situations. Despite laws that protect women from domestic violence and harassment, such cases continue to occur, pointing to the need for greater awareness and social change.

The incident has sparked outrage and calls for justice for Leela and her family. The public is demanding that the perpetrator be held accountable for his heinous crime and that measures be taken to prevent such incidents in the future.

The brutal murder of Leela Bavitra Nalamathi is a tragic reminder of the violence that women continue to face in India, especially in cases where they refuse to submit to the wishes of their families or partners. It is imperative that steps be taken to create a safer society for women and to ensure that justice is served in cases of violence against women.

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