You’ll Be Shocked To Know That The Syllabus Used For Education System Is Outdated.

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With 82% Literacy rate achieved, Tamil Nadu is in a better place far above the national average.  The State, focusing on the quantity has given up the Quality in this aspect. The State quite known to have produced several master brains such as C.V.Raman, APJ Abdul Kalam, Mathematical Genius Ramanujan and many more is lacking behind in enlightening its students with knowledge. The State’s Education system failed drastically since the last decade.
The state witnessed over 700 students securing top 3 State Ranks in their class X board examinations, also portraying a lower quality of education in class XII. Many students who were able to score above 90% in class XII struggle hard to compete in the wider challenges as the count of people moving abroad for higher studies is highly prevailing. Students criticise the outdated syllabus and the blueprint which discourages them not to focus on the other pages of the book. It causes consternation when we hear that with such a higher scoring rates and distinctions, the students of Tamil Nadu are not still able to crack through National Entrance Examinations in various fields.
The National entrance exam coaching has also become a business.  However, only a few could afford the fees charged by the private centres. The learning in school does not match with the pattern for entrance tests with a new syllabus. The Students are asked to refer to new books and materials to study for the same.
Students also point out that certain schools do not focus on teaching their children class XI Syllabus and push them to learn class XII for two continuous years to prepare them for what they think is the hardest battle of life, the class XII boards, which is mainly to produce cent percent results for the school.
On the other hand even if they try to get into top colleges with their higher scores, they face hardships in coping with the new system and competing against students from various other states. Their survival in those colleges becomes tough.
Tamil Nadu Teachers Eligibility Test
It is also pointed out that the Teaching Faculties and their standard do not match with the requirements, which was quite visible in the Teacher’s Entrance Tests (TET) Results. If the teacher who trains hundreds of students lacks knowledge, then, expecting he to make changes in the life of students is something impossible.  The data we perceive stores as information, Information becomes knowledge Knowledge and Knowledge to Wisdom. The second and third cannot be fulfilled without a good teacher. In my opinion, TET has to be introduced and performance appraisal has to be done for the teachers who take initiative to produce better citizens.
This paradigm shift in education is not grooming leaders or scientists but rather as people who crave for Scoring Marks. Tamil Nadu education system fails to prepare their children for a bigger struggle in life and pushes them back to view brilliancy and capability by the marks scored.
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This distress not only affects the higher secondary education but also impacts tremendously on primary as well. It is surprising to read the data provided by Annual Survey of Education Report (ASER 2011).If this was considered to be a report card on state’s performance in school education, we have several reasons to be upset about. The data reveals that only 32% of their students of class V could only read short stories in Tamil. More worrying is the fact that only 40.6% students in class IV could do two digit subtractions while they are taught multiplication and division.
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With the outdated syllabus, the data or knowledge to students is limited. The State has to make certain amendments in their syllabus and terminate in giving blueprint to their students while preparing their students to improve their knowledge, personality, social and IQ skills necessary for life. It also has to focus on quality teaching staffs to mould the children in the right direction.
Education is to empower Intelligence and enhance competence and not about passing the exams.
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