You Will Regret Eating Junk Food After Reading This.!!

The measure of the amount of energy in food is known as calories. Calories are essential for a human body. An average person needs about 2,500Kcal a day. Knowing the number of calories in the food we consume to the number of calories we burnt is a key factor to a healthy life. Having a high-calorie diet without burning them may lead to many problems like heart problems, weight gain, diabetes etc.
So here presenting you, the number of kilometers you need to RUN to BURN the calories of the following food items.

1. French Fries

2. Cheese Wrap

3. Coffee

4. Potato Chips

5. Twix

6. Kitkat Bar

7. Burger

8. Cola

9. Mars Bar

10. Ferrero Rocher

11. Snickers Bar

Image Source: Fit Talerz
So how many calories do you consume every day and how many km’s you need to run? Share it in the comments section below.


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