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“You Are The Julie Of This Season” Says Mumtaz To This Contestant On Her Face !!



“You Are The Julie Of This Season” Says Mumtaz To This Contestant On Her Face !!

After the nomination process Janani, Riythvika, and Balaji discussed how Aishwarya, Yashika, Mahat, and Danny want and plan to enter the finals, evicting all others. In an episode earlier, Yashika and Aishwarya were seen plotting whom to nominate for eviction in codewords and even influencing Mahat to nominate the person in their mind (Riythvika).


The contestants were asked to write anonymous letters to the inmates if they had any complaints against them. Any housemate could defend or accuse the perpetrator with Yashika playing the mediator. Balaji was accused of profanity and Danny for using people for his benefits. Mumtaz blamed all the housemates for cornering her and labeling her an arrogant person. Mahat felt she was trying to seek attention by blaming all.

1531113157 kamal haasan bigg boss tamil 2

In this week’s luxury budget task, the contestants role-played as their fellow inmates. When Bigg Boss asked the inmates their opinion on the activity, Mumtaz said, “It feels good to play Aishwarya’s role because I can always stick with Yashika. I don’t feel alone in the house. It feels good to be pampered.” Riythvika played the judge; Danny as Yashika, Janani as Sendrayan, Balaji as Danny, Ponnambalam as Mahat and Janani as Sendrayan played their roles well.


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Team blue, comprising Aishwarya, Sendrayan, Mahat, Vaishnavi, and Danny was given a secret task by Bigg Boss to provoke and make someone from the red team cry; get angry; say that they want to leave the house and feel embarrassed. But the red team easily guessed that they are performing a secret task. At times, contestants also got offended when someone inappropriately portrayed their original character. At the end of the task, all the inmates hugged each other and appreciated each other’s efforts. The house saw some warm moments after some long-pending clarifications.

Film COmpanion Big Boss Tamil lead 2

Meanwhile a new promo surfaced in which Mumtaz, Vaishnavi and Yashika involved in a conversation. In that conversation Mumtaz says Vaishnavi doing exactly like “Julie” where she was saying that Vaishnavi is always talking back here and there. As Julie asked in previous season about a missing footage, Vaishnavi also doing exactly like the same says Mumtaz.

For this Yashika responds to Mumtaz by saying that there is no “Masala” like that in this season is happening. Mumtaz says close to that is happening in Vaishnavi’s case. Vaishnavi who was listening all this says “You all titled me Julie all of a sudden” with a grim in her face.


Watch the promo here :

here’s what fans reacted :

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