“You Are Nothing Without Me” Meera Mitun’s Reply To Abhirami’s Reaction !!


Abhirami Venkatachalam, one of the Bigg Boss contestant who is known for appearing in “Nerkonda Parvai” movie has appeared in an interview with Behindwoods and opened on many issues of her with Meera Mithun for the first time. Abhirami Venkatachalam has a separate fan base in Instagram where there are so many Instagram accounts which only runs to support her.

Meera Mithun few days ago posted a tweet regarding Abhirami Venkatachalam and Sakshi Agarwal. In the tweet Meera wrote “So here’s another challenge am facing recently from Joe gang which includes abirami and Sakshi, tey had posted my phone number in all personal groups and everyday many are calling me and doing mental harassment and trying to make me insane 🙂”

Check out her tweet here :

Abhirami, on seeing this tweet, said that she doesn’t have the phone number of Meera Mitun at all. She even laughed at the tweet and said that it is a a mere joke in her interview. Abhirami said that the tweet is not even worth to react.

Watch the video below from 5th minute :

Meera Mithun, replied to this interview of Abhirami today and said that Abhirami is surviving today only because of her. Her tweet read as “Let me remind you Miss Abhirami, Without my name ur survival is a million dollar question and idk how press n public are not able to see she copies every inch of my cell , same la wat she did n biggboss house. Well am no more gonna talk about this ungrateful cult, karma ll talk.”

Here’s the tweet she posted :

Meera Mithun is keeping the followers of her social media accounts busy by uploading videos and posting controversial tweets day after day. If you are aware of Bigg Boss show’s third season in Tamil, you must have known about Meera Mithun , one of the most controversial participant of the show.

What do you think on this tweet of Meera ?? Comment your views !!


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