Yogi B Replied To Somashekar Who Didn’t Give Credits For Singing His Song !!

In the fourth season of Tamil BIGG BOSS show, contestants were asked to tell audience and to their co-contestants about the hardest path they came through in their life. Somashekar, one of the 16 contestants, while telling about his life story, sung a rap song of a popular rapper Yogi B in front of his co-contestants. On seeing it, one of a follower of the BIGG BOSS show questioned why he didn’t give credits to the original singer of the song. Responding to the Yogi B himself came forward and generously replied saying that he only felt grateful on seeing Somu singing that song when there are so many new rap song.


Somashekar, for the first time, disclosed that he suffers from stuttering disorder. “Only very few people of my circle know about this. I talk this much only because I am comfortable. I have attended so many auditions and got out due to this problem of mine.” said Somu who also shared how he suffered while dubbing for a movie he acted.

“I said no to many dubbing and acting chances because of this problem. I even got afraid of taking phone calls of my friends in the fear of “stuttering”. I apologize to all of them now, this is the reason behind it.” Somu said. “I want to tell one thing to all those who are suffering with this problem. We will survive. We are blessed” he added.


When Somu said that rap music helped him a lot in his career, his co-contestants asked him to sing a rap song. “I need everybody to clap” said Somu and started singing a popular rap song of Yogi B. After finished performing, his co-contestants encouraged him to sing and interact more.

One of a twitter user who watched the show, questioned why Som didn’t give credits to Yogi B before singing his song. “Everything is fine. But you were singing that song like that is your own. Why didn’t you mention Malaysian rapper Yogi B ?” the follower asked by writing “Elllam ok ennamo andhe Rap ku neeye sondhe karan madhiri paaditu porre.Yen da #Malaysia Rapper @iamyogib name eh mention pannule”

Check out his tweet below :


Yogi B, replying to this tweet, said that there are many new rap songs there but he chose to sing his 14 year old song. “it’s ok bro. So many new rap songs and he chose to rap my 14 year old, non film related song. I’m very grateful” he wrote in his tweet.

This generous gesture from the International rapper won the hearts of the twitter users. Comment your views on this reply of Yogi B !!


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