Yewkk !! : Man Masturbates In Public Bus And Smiles At Camera : Girls In The Bus Seriously Offended !!


Our country is becoming a scary place for women, their safety is becoming threatening with every passing day. The newspapers are filled with the story of crime against women. From eve-teasing to rapes to body shaming, it is becoming a new norm that is unfortunate and unholy.

Girls are being targeted for no reasons. Every now and then, they have to face something worst. Often, we stumble upon stories of men masturbating openly seeing girls on trains, flights and buses. Once again, we have come across a similar story, which is completely disgusting.

A man in Kolkata was caught masturbating at 2 young girls in a public bus. The worst thing about this incident is that no one from the bus came to the rescue of girls or took any action on that man.

One of the girls recorded the video and shared it on social media describing the unfortunate incident. The video is so disgusting that it will put you to shame. This incident happened in Kolkata at around 12:00 pm, which is so sad.

The girl took to Facebook to share the whole story about this unfortunate and shameful incident.

Translation Of Her Post :

“Today nearly at about 12 pm, I and my friend were travelling to our home from Hedua on bus no 30B/1. Suddenly we saw this man making obscene gestures towards us inside the bus but no one protested against it. In the end, I complained to the conductor about the same for which his reply was ‘’ what can I do? How will I know what is going on inside someone.”

I shouted inside the bus “someone please grab him”, he is literally making obscene gestures towards me, but no one bothered to care or protest.

The same incident happened to us 15 days back but due to fear, I couldn’t take any action against it. But now I need justice. Last time he was masturbating after taking his private parts in his hands, but I didn’t have any proof on that day so I couldn’t take any action. The bus number is 30B/1 WB25C6638”

The video shows how pathetic and sickening the incident was. The worst part is that the man kept on doing his dirty act even after noticing the camera. There should be very strict action against such person so that no one will ever dare to even think about such things ever again. The women in our country need to feel safe. It is not only that man, the other passengers on the bus are also guilty, they should have grabbed that man and taught him a lesson.

The man has been arrested by the police and the law will take its course. We can only hope his punishment is severe.

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