Yashika Opened About Niroop & Abhirami For The First Time !!

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CM / Updated: 2022-02-05
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Yashika, in her recent question and answer session, answered to a question on Niroop and Abhirami meeting each other inside the Bigg Boss house. The actress who was involved in a romantic relationship with Niroop in the past, said that both of them are adults and are entitled to take decisions about their respective lives. Yashika said that is no one to comment on them and also answered to some of the questions of her followers which were related to Niroop and Bigg Boss.

Niroop took part in Bigg Boss season 5 as one of the contestant after former contestant Yashika recommended his name to the channel, according to the statement made by Niroop himself. Throughout his stint inside the Bigg Boss house, Niroop expressed himself as a true competitor for his fellow contestants and an individual player. He reached the finals with Raju, Priyanka, Pavni and Amir.


When Bigg Boss offered Rs. 12 lakh for any of the contestants to walk out of the house, Niroop stayed inside the house, despite knowing that he won’t win in the finals, only to see himself in the finals and to have the experience of reaching the end. Now, he took part in the ultimate version of the show as one of the contestants as well. This time, Niroop happened to meet his another ex-girlfriend Abhirami Venkatachalam. They both didn’t talk to each other initially and cleared their doubts during the “Celebrities Press Meet” task.

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When Niroop asked Abhirami why she keeps avoiding him, the “Nerkonda Parvai” actress said that she is no sure about how his relationship with Yashika is going on and doesn’t wanted to hinder it in any way. Now, in a question and answer session, a follower questioned Yashika about the same.

“What do you feel about Niroop meeting his ex at BB Ultimate” a follower asked and Yashika replied to him writing “I knew they are going to be in the same house already. And I am totally fine with it. They are two matured individuals who can take their own decisions. And I am no one to comment about it. Live and let live” Yashika replied.

Here’s the screen shot of her answer :


Another follower asked when she is going to get married to Niroop. Replying to him, Yashika said “We are good friends now and always will. Ha Ha we are slowly moving on and I don’t see any marriage plans with anyone right now” 


Niroop made similar statements in the interviews he took part post Bigg Boss season 5. He said that a couple doesn’t need to carry baggage even if they part ways relationship wise. “I am a still good friend to Yashika and would always be the same. This is an opportunity I got only because of her” the season 5 finalist said.

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