“Yaar Intha Tha**li” – Director Bala Abused An IAS Officer??

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3 months ago

Video of popular writer Bava Chelladurai revealing about director Bala abusing a retired IAS officer is doing rounds in social media platforms. In the video, the writer cum actor had said that the filmmaker treated him in a very bad way as a result of which the former IAS official gave up his wish of acting in films.



Director Bala is known for directing some of the critically acclaimed films such as “sedhu”, “Nandha”, “Pithamagan” etc. He made the remake of Arjun Reddy to launch Dhruv, Vikram’s son but the project got dropped. Recently, it was announced that the filmmaker’s third collaboration with Suriya which was titled as “Vanangaan” was also got dropped. “Naachiyar” stays as the filmmaker’s last film as of now.

During one of his recent speech, popular writer cum actor Bava Chelladurai revealed about how Bala treated a former IAS officr while he visited Bala’s office for acting opportunity. “he came to the office and introduced himself saying that he wants to do service for art medium during his retirement period”. When one of Bala’s script writer asked whether he is keen about his decision, he replied that he was waiting for this moment, according to bava Chelladurai.

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“Moments later, Bala came to the office and right away asked, “Ramakrishnan, yaar intha Thayoli?”. That former IAS officer’s blood level hit the rock bottom. Immediately Bala asked him to visit his room and left. When he went and introduced himself to the filmmaker, he said “If you fail to act in a right away, I will bite your throat and drink your blood”. The IAS officer couldn’t understand anything” Bava further said.

“After half an hour, he came out and Ramakrishnan asked him about what happened. The former IAS officer said that he is going to re-consider his decision of serving the art. ‘I’m thinking to getting the pension and live a peaceful life’ said the officer and left” Bava Chelladurai said.

Watch the video below :

Check out some of the reactions for Bala’s behaviour below :


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