Y.G Mahendran’s Comment On Students Creates Outrage !! WATCH

Popular supporting actor Y.G Mahendran’s comment on students conducting protests, instigated extreme outrage in social media platforms, especially in the micro blogging social media site, Twitter. The actor allegedly said that male students are involved in protests only to impress girls by “sighting” (Local term used to refer the act of gazing at the opposite gender to attract them).



The actor who went as chief guest to a private school’s event in gerugambakkam, honored the students by presenting gifts to them based on their skills. During his speech, the actor said that male students are getting themselves involved in protest only to “sight” girls, according to News 7. Further he said that Students are also doing it to gain holidays from their management.

Watch his speech here :

This comment from the actor who has more than 40 years of experience in Art, disappointed many people who participated in protests. Students organising a protest is not something new to our society. Years before a historical protest to remove ban from Jallikattu was initiated by students and it succeeded as well. Now currently students across the country are protesting to remove the act Citizenship Amendment Bill.


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The Citizenship (Amendment) Bill 2019, that seeks to give Indian nationality to non-Muslim refugees from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan passed the lower House test recently. The Bill seeks to amend the definition of illegal immigrant for Hindu, Sikh, Parsi, Buddhist and Christian immigrants from Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh, who have lived in India without documentation. They will be granted fast-track Indian citizenship in six years. So far, 12 years of residence has been the standard.


As soon as the comment of Y.G Mahendran sufaced, people started to express their disagreement in various ways. One of a user went on to change his name in Wikipedia in a way of degrading him. Check out the screenshot here :


Check out some of the other reactions from social media users, regarding the statement of the actor :


What do you think on this comment of Mahendran ?? Comment your views below !!


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