WV Connect Celebrates The Union Of 101 Underprivileged Couples At A Historic Social Drive !!

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CM / Updated: 2023-04-03
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WV Connect 2023 is an event that celebrates the beauty and grandeur of the ancient city of Mamallapuram, also known as Mahabs, in South India. This event is a perfect blend of tradition and modernity, and it brings together the legends of the wedding industry to celebrate their achievements and share their knowledge.

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The event kicks off on Monday with registration at 11 AM at the Radisson Blu Temple Bay Resort in Mamallapuram. Participants can then embark on an Exploratory ECR tour that takes them on a journey to discover the hidden gems of the ancient city, followed by a relaxing sundowner program at 4:30 PM at the Sheraton Grand Resort and Spa. The day concludes with a specially curated dinner buffet at 9 PM where industry peers can indulge in delicious food and network with each other.

On Tuesday, the conference and exposition will be inaugurated at 9:30 AM at the Main Banquet Hall in Radisson Blu Temple Bay Resort, Mamallapuram. Participants can enjoy lunch at the New Lawn at the same venue. In the evening, an upbeat musical evening will take place, followed by a scrumptious dinner that celebrates traditional flavors with contemporary aesthetics.


Wednesday promises to be an exciting day with a historical social drive that unites 101 couples from economically backward and differently-abled communities in destination weddings. Participants can also attend a master class session where legends of the wedding industry will answer questions in a one-on-one mentoring session. The day will conclude with an awards night where achievers in the wedding industry will be recognized and prestigious awards will be presented.


Throughout the event, participants will have the opportunity to indulge in the latest fashion and glamour collections from some of their favorite designers. They can also enjoy multi-course meals, gourmet cuisine, and a festive atmosphere.

WV Connect Celebrates
WV Connect Celebrates

The event also takes place in the World Records Union as it conducted a destination themed wedding ceremony for most couples at a single venue. WV Connect Pvt. Ltd organised the event proudly by inviting guests from across the globe.

WV Connect 2023 is an event that showcases the beauty and cultural heritage of Mamallapuram while celebrating the achievements and knowledge of the wedding industry. Participants can look forward to an exciting and enriching experience that blends tradition and modernity in a unique and unforgettable way.

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Chennai Memes feels proud and happy to support the event in every possible way as it backs couples from humble background.

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