Women Molested, Harassed & Groped By Men Citing Holi Festival !! OUTRAGEOUS VIDEOS

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3 weeks ago

Women Molested – The celebration of Holi in India, a festival of colors and joy, has unfortunately been plagued by incidents of molestation and harassment, especially towards women. This is often justified by the phrase “Bura na mano Holi Hai” which roughly translates to “Don’t feel bad, it is Holi.” Such criminal acts have become all too common during this festive season, and women often find themselves becoming the targets of these heinous crimes.

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Holi festival

This year’s Holi celebrations were no different, as numerous incidents of violence, molestation, and harassment surfaced on social media between March 7 and 8. According to India Today, the Delhi Police Control Room received over 35,000 complaints during this period, which is significantly higher than their average daily complaints of 24,000. Shockingly, these complaints included 211 cases of eve teasing, 40 cases of shootouts, 142 cases of stabbing, 46 cases of road rage, 21 cases of rape, and 11 cases of murder.

Kolkata was no exception to this trend, as the police arrested over 400 people for disorderly conduct during Holi. The majority of these arrests were related to drunken brawls, blocking roads while playing Holi, drinking in public, and creating a nuisance, as reported by Telegraph India.

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Holi with Foreigners

Such incidents are a clear indication of the need for stricter laws and enforcement mechanisms to protect women and minorities during festivals such as Holi. It is crucial to educate people about the importance of celebrating the festival in a safe and respectful manner, without causing harm or discomfort to others. The phrase “Bura na mano Holi Hai” should not be an excuse to justify criminal behavior, and it is our collective responsibility to ensure that everyone can celebrate Holi without fear of harassment or violence.

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Woman Harassment

According to a journalist at Dainik Bhaskar, Rajesh Sahu, a mosque in Uttar Pradesh was covered in green for Holi. Sahu shared a picture of the mosque on social media and commented that the Muslim community in Uttar Pradesh did not feel assured that their Hindu counterparts would not desecrate their mosques during the festival of colors. This lack of trust resulted in the Muslim community taking measures to protect their religious site by covering it in green.

Screenshot 2023 03 10 at 12.47.01 PMA disturbing video surfaced from Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh, which showed a group of burqa-clad women sitting in an e-rickshaw being doused with water by a group of young boys, despite the women’s protests. The video showed the boys surrounding the rickshaw, and while one woman was attempting to reprimand them, another boy came from the other side and poured water on the other woman sitting in the rickshaw with her. The incident is a troubling reminder of the harassment and lack of respect that women often face, even during festive occasions such as Holi.

In a distressing account, a foreigner is describing how his wife has been repeatedly groped and molested during Holi celebrations. According to him, some individuals are using the guise of “fun” to justify their despicable actions and grope his wife in public. This behavior is deeply troubling and highlights the issue of harassment that women often face, even during festive occasions. It is unacceptable and a violation of basic human rights. The need of the hour is for society to come together to condemn such behavior and take measures to ensure that women can participate in celebrations without fear of being harassed or assaulted.

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