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Woman’s Confession In “Neeya Naana” Slammed By Netizens !!



Woman’s Confession In “Neeya Naana” Slammed By Netizens !!

While many female activists are protesting in social media platforms against the inequality between women and men in daily basis, a Tamil nadu based woman confessing that she could get beaten by her husband even with slipper, raised the eyebrows of the netizens. She said it in a popular talk show “Neeya Naana” of Vijay TV and this particular clipping released as a promo by the channel.


The woman says that she loves her husband when he gets angry and admits that she has no objection regarding it. To our shock, She confesses that she got beaten by her husband in public several times. When Gopinath, the host of the show asks, how she couldn’t feel ashamed of it, the woman replies by saying “Enn Lovvu sirr athuu” (He is the love of my life) to get applause from the spectators and other participants present there.

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Young woman is sitting hunched at a table at home, the focus is on a man’s fist in the foregound of the image

“It has been already decided that my entire life is going to be with him. It is just a small sacrifice comparing to what he is doing for me” she said which made her husband blush. “When I am supposed to do anything for him, a simple “beating” is nothing.” she added. “Even I am ready to get slipper shots from him right here, right now because I am ready to anything for him” the wife said which shocked the netizens in big time.

Watch the video here :

Several number of people in social media are reacting to this particular clipping in various ways. However, majority number of them stated that the woman’s thoughts are regressive and provoking men to beat women more and feel special. “You try beating him for once, that’s when you will come to know about his love towards you” said one of a user whereas another one said that he now understood why Arjun Reddy became massive hit in Tamil nadu.

Check out some of their reactions below :



Many more people are still slamming the woman for her complex mindset and her husband’s grim. Few even worried about their child and his/her future. Comment your views on her stand !!

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