Woman Who Was Missing In Beach While Celebrating Her 2nd Anniversary, Found With Her Lover !!

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CM / Updated: 2022-07-29
12:42 IST

In an unexpected turn of events, a woman who went to beach with her husband to celebrate her 2nd year marriage anniversary was missing and an extensive search was made by the authorities from various departments. However, it has been discovered that the woman left with another man with whom she had affair with. Reports suggests that the search which involved Navy and Coast Guard forces costed Rs. 1 crore.

The 21 year old woman has been identified as Sai Priya and she got married to one Srinivasa Rao, a couple of years ago. They were living in Sanjeevirayanagar colony near NAD in Visakhapatnam. They visited Simhachalam temple on Monday morning to celebrate their 2nd year anniversary and arrived at RK beach in the evening.

In the beach, Srinivasa moved away from his wife after receiving a phone call. She was taking selfies through her phone at that time, says reports. Upon returning, the husband found his wife missing and there were no evidence of her. Fearing she would have been carried away by the tides of the sea, Srinivasa immediately informed the authorities.


The next morning, authorities launched a search using speed boats and even a Navy helicopter. The active involvement of the city mayor and the deputy mayor in the search gave importance to the case. However, all the efforts went in vain as they couldn’t find the woman or even a trace of her. Few even questioned whether she truly drowned in the sea water.

In the meantime, Police discovered that the lady is currently in Nellore with a man with whom she is in love. It has been reported that Priya sent an audio message to her parents, saying that she is safe and would return soon. According to sources, the authorities spent around Rs. 1 crore on search operations.

Watch the video below :

Video source : Polimer 

“We will inquire about the woman once she return from Bangalore. Since she is a major and willingly gone out, we will verify the facts and take actions accordingly” said K Rama Rao, circle inspector of Three Town Police Station. According to Deccan Chronicle, a senior Police officer said “The lady has cheated all of us, wasting our time and energy”


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