Woman Started Dancing To Express Her Anger At Chethpet Railway Station !! WATCH

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Video of a woman dancing and singing to express her frustration over Tamil nadu police officials who asked her to wear safety mask is going viral in social media platforms. In the video, the woman who argues with the cops, could be seen dancing and singing “Sodakku mela Sodakku” song from “Thaana Searntha Kootam”. She could be heard questioning why Police officials hurt her physically. The lyrics she loudly sung denoted that the “Atrocious behaviour of Influential people” should be condemned. The incident took place at the railway station of Chethpet.


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Amidst the COVID 19 pandemic situation, people from across the country are requested to wear safety mask, in order to prevent the spread of the virus. After seeing most people not following the safety measurement, Government decided to impose fine and penalties to those who fail to wear mask during their public visit. Now, a woman who was questioned for not wearing a safety mask has confronted the police officials by shouting, singing and dancing.

Ever since wearing face mask become a normalcy, incidents such as people having verbal spat in public over not wearing it, Police officials condemning individuals who fail to follow the norm took place and grabbed headlines as well. Now, a report of sun news emerged saying that a woman who failed to wear mask, confronted police for questioning her and started dancing and singing a popular cinema song at one point.



“Who are you to beat me ?” the woman could be heard questioning to one of the female police officials to which the male police officials replied “Don’t raise you hand while talking”. The argument between the woman and the group of Police continues to take place and at one point, the woman, starts singing “Sodakku Mela Sodakku Podanum” from the Tamil movie “Thaana Searntha Kootam”.

Watch the video below :

Many started trolling the individual for acting in such way by terming her as “Reels Nibbi”, “Tik Tok Paithyam etc”. One of a social media user questioned whether Police would have stayed calm if the same was done by a male. Check out some of the reactions below :



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