Woman Received Di*k Pics From Men After Seeking Help From Social Media Regarding COVID 19 Emergency !!

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People seeking help from social media for medical emergency and saving lives successfully is one of the major benefits of this digital era. The second wave of COVID 19 virus has affected the country severely and the lockdown is being implemented in every state slowly. Amidst such situation, a woman named Shasvati who believed that social media would help her in solving problems regarding her medical emergencies, left devastated after going through a traumatic experience.


After a family member of Shasvati got infected by the COVID 19 virus, she, along with her family members, were trying to find a ventilator which has been in shortage. She who firmly believed in the power of Internet, sought help from the users of it and managed to get a ventilator within six hours after getting in touch with multiple contacts who helped her out.

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However, after a couple of days, health condition of the COVID 19 patient worsened and an A+ blood group plasma was immediately required. A donor who have finished 28 days of recovery since testing negative was needed who would help the family to get plasma in blood bank. Shasvati said that they struggled a lot to get plasma even with the assistance of apps and networks.

Shasvati’s personal phone number started getting circulated while seeking help from the Internet this time. She says that it panicked her to see her personal number getting spread by some of the influential social media accounts but convinced herself after realizing that it is one of the easiest and quickest way to get help which would save the life of her loved one.


But the decision left her devastated as many men started calling her randomly asking whether she is single or committed. She also explained how two men called her and giggled about her “DP being nice” while she was attending three to four calls a minute, speaking to blood banks, coordinating with donors to save her loved one.

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Shasvati said that she couldn’t pause and react to such phone calls and said that the only thing that she could do is to disconnect those calls. She also reported that several men asked where she live, whether she live alone, whether she is single or not and many other inappropriate questions. Shasvati went on to reveal that a man made kissing sounds.

Though she kept blocking all the numbers, phone calls from various strangers left her phone ringing. The woman says that a total of seven men video called her at the same time during the next morning. “Five minutes into feeling horrifically flustered, I silenced my phone, kept it aside and waited. It took some time for it to stop.” she wrote in an article for Vice.

After she blocked all the numbers, Shasvati started getting harassed through Whatsapp. Three strangers who took her number from her SOS, sent unsolicited dick pictures in her the text messaging app. “Been looking for plasma donors, and my no has been around in some groups + stories. I’ve fielded calls from men asking me if I’m single, if I can share photos, my dp is nice etc, and 1 “friend” who said he’d help if ‘at least now you go on a date with me’ Some men are DISGUSTING” the tweet she posted read.


“I thought it wouldn’t get worse, but since this morning, I’ve received (on whatsapp) 3 dick pics, and 7 men trying to video call me continuously. Even in a medical emergency, men think only with their genitals. Women: NEVER, EVER let your number out in public forums.” her next tweet read.

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