Woman Poked Hole In Condom Before Having S*x!! Check Out The Punishment She Got

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11 months ago

A report about a German woman who was sentenced to 6 months after secretly poking hole in a condom of her partner, is grabbing headlines across the globe. It has been reported that the sabotaged her partner’s condoms without his knowledge so she could become pregnant.

The case involved a 39 year old woman who was having a casual relationship with a 42 old man. The two met through online platform in the year 2021 and started meeting regularly. The court said that the woman wanted to change the nature of their relationship by getting pregnant. However, she failed in her attempt.


Despite being unsuccessful in her attempt, the woman informed her boyfriend saying that she sabotaged the condoms without his knowledge only to be charged as an accused in a criminal case. The woman was initially facing charges of rape but later it was reduced to sexual assault.

Judge Astrid Saleswki who handed out the ruling in the regional court of Bielefeld said legal was written after the woman was charged with “stealthing” which normally involves men removing or sabotaging their condom during intercourse without the woman’s knowledge. The woman later admitted to manipulate her partner.

While prosecutors and the court agreed that a crime had been committed in this case, they were initially unsure which specific charges to levy against the 39 year old.


The Judge told the court that the court that the provision for “stealthing” also applies in the reverse case where it is the woman who committed the act. “The condoms were rendered unusable without the man’s knowledge or his consent. No means no here as well”, she added.

Here’s how internet reacted to the conviction :


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