Video Of Woman Throwing Fruits Of A Seller Goes Viral !! WATCH

Video of a woman throwing papayas from a fruit seller’s cart while he was pleading her not to do it as he is poor is going viral in social media platforms like a wildfire. Reports suggests that the fruit seller’s cart collided with the woman’s car and it made the woman extremely angry. As soon as the video got surfaced in Internet, many slammed the woman for her atrocious behaviour which caused a major financial set back for the seller amidst the pandemic situation.

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The incident took place in Bhopal of Madhya Pradesh. The viral video shows an infuriated woman throwing papayas on the ground from a hand cart of a fruit seller. We could see the woman constantly arguing with the fruit vendor and picking up papayas and tossing them on he ground. Despite of the fruit seller’s plead on not to damage his fruits, the woman continues to throw the fruits and was not willing to listen.

It has been discovered that the woman had taken her car out of her parking lot and parked it on the road. The handcart which was passing by, gently touched the woman’s car and caused a small scratch. The woman, according to reports, got extremely angry on seeing the scratch on her car. The woman who first yelled at the hand cart puller, started throwing papayas from his vehicle.

Watch the video below :

Throughout the incident, the fruit seller kept pleading the woman, saying “Madam, don’t do this, I am poor”. The had cart puller even stated that he would compensate for the damage done, according to times now news. However, the enraged woman didn’t stop throwing his fruits.

Reactions slamming the woman for exhibiting an inhumane behaviour are flooding the Internet ever since the video got surfaced. “If he had done a mistake, condemn him, is it right to demean the job he is doing ?” a social media user asked whereas another one said “She is boasting her privileged mentality”

Check out some of the reactions below :

In a way of reacting to the online outrage, a tweet got surfaced in the official twitter account of Bhopal collector, ensuring about the proper legal action against the woman.



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