Woman Complained About A Lady Selling Fish In Train By Posting Her Picture !! Got Thrashed !!

woman complained about fish selling

India’s rail network is one of the largest and busiest in the world, and Indian Railways is the world’s eighth-largest employer on earth, with roughly 1.3 million workers. There are more than 7000 train stations across the country.

Along with the official government employees, in running train we have seen people earning money through selling fruits, vegetables and even stationary items such as pen pencil. In this rare incident, a twitter using woman complained about a lady selling fish in running train.

She posted a picture of that woman and tagged Mumbai police to complain about the matter. Her post read as “This lady is selling fish in train got in at kurla going to gowandi”

Check out her post here :

However, the twitter user got thrashed by her fellow netizens for posting an inappropriate picture of the lady selling fish. “Why are you tagging the police? She is selling fish not drugs… She is doing it to earn an honest living for her family. If you have a problem Mansi ji, take a cab to work/home.” wrote one of an user as an reply to this post.

Check out some of the reactions for this post :

However, Mumbai police responded to the tweet in a way of encouraging her. They forwarded the complaint of Manasi Joshi to Central railways :

Though it seems the complaint of Mansi is valid, the picture she posted without the lady’s consent is not at all acceptable. She might have told her personally not to sell fish on running train and let the lady face the consequences if she doesn’t follow it. What do you think on this complaint made in social media ?? Comment your views below !!


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