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“Will You Make Me Next Sushant ?” Kangana’s Furious Reply !!



“Will You Make Me Next Sushant ?” Kangana’s Furious Reply !!

As soon as Sushant Singh rajput’s case transferred to CBI by Supreme court, Actress Kangana Ranaut has took a direct dig at Deepika Padukone who constantly uploaded social posts regarding depression when Bollywood youngster Sushant Singh Rajput died. Now as the case transferred to CBI after the support of people, Kangana Ranaut slamming Deepika accusing her for trying to project his death as it happened due to depression.


“They tried to dismiss him as an alcoholic, drug addict, rapist and a mentally ill person. But look today because of collective consciousness, he has risen to Godly status in India and everywhere else” said said Kangana Ranaut who trolled Deepika by using the same phrase she did “Repeat after me”.

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Kangana, in her tweet wrote “Repeat after me, depression ka dhandha chalane walon ko public ne unki aukat dikhadi” which is roughly translated as “The public showed their status to those who were doing marketing in the name of depression”. Check out her tweet below :

Kangana shared two more tweets saying that Truth remains the same and valid medical proof of mental illness. “it has become new witch hunt of genuine talent by mediocrity, every extraordinary individual is being subjected to unfair judgements n virtual emotional lynching. Hope this stops.” the actress write who added “If Deepika Padukone says she suddenly got depressed for a break up which happened 10 years ago, we believe her so give me and Sushant same respect if I say I am not mentally ill or if Sushant’s father says he wasn’t mentally ill believe us also na. Why you forcing illness on us?”

Here’s her tweet :

During mid June, after the demise of Sushant Singh Rajput, Deepika Padukone constantly shared tweets about depression which made many people think that Sushant died of depression. All her tweets contained the phrase “Repeat After me” with a various sayings such as “You cannot snap out of depression”, “Depression is not the same as sadness” etc.


Check out her posts here :


When Sulagna Chatterjee, a screenwriter asked how people like Kangana are allowed to talk, the actress asked “Who are you ? What will you do to me ? Choke me ? Gag me ? Hang me ? Will you make me next Sushant? Do I need to seek your permission to speak? Who exactly are you ? Please explain “

On 19th of August, Supreme court ordered a CBI probe in the Sushant Singh Rajput’s death case. Many celebrities including Kangana, Akshay Kumar, Bipasha Basu and others hailed the SC’s verdict. Court ordered the Mumbai police to hand over the case diary, statements of suspect and witnesses, forensic and autopsy reports to the CBI.

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