“Will You Go Shirtless Like Me??” – Asked A BJP Leader To This Actress !! Check The Reply He Received

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2 months ago

Aishwarya Rajesh’s statement about Temples being equal to men and women left many believers of Hindu religion to condemn her. A user named Rajesh, bio of whom suggests that he belongs to party BJP, questioned the actress whether she would go shirtless like him in public to explain that men and women are not same.


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A section of right wing supporters are making below the belt comment against actress Aishwarya for her statement about women entering the Hindi temples. The actress said that she firmly believes that God never restricted anyone from entering temple and went on to state that it all made by human beings. Triggered by her statement, a group of online users has been verbally attacking the actress.


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In one of her recent interactions with press reporters, Aishwarya Rajesh said that God is for everyone and there is no difference between men and women in the eyes of God. She expressed her belief over God being equal to all, irrespective of genders and other norms created by men.


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“According to me, God doesn’t see any difference between men and women. No God said that he should come to my temple and she shouldn’t. It all created by us, human beings. Tell me which got made such claim?? Is there any God who put restrictions on whom to enter their premises??” the actress asked.

“Not only Sabarimala, any other God or Goddess will not be upset if menstruating women enter the sacred place. “God never prohibited menstruating women entering entering any temple premises and it is man made restrictions. They have nothing to do with God” she further said.

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Ever since such statement from Aishwarya Rajesh surfaced, many believers of Hindu religion started attacking her personally. A BJP member named Rajesh came up with a tweet that said “I will go shirtless in public, can you do the same” to Aishwarya’s statement.

Here’s his statement :

His statement irked many users of the online platforms, mainly those who couldn’t tolerate the tone of patriarchy in Rajesh’s comment. Singer cum Me Too activist Chinmayi confronted his statement, saying “A toxic patriarchal society sexualises the female mammary glands for the male gaze and this dupatta podunga doli gang keeps ranting”

Here’s her tweet :

Check out some of the other reactions Ragesh’s tweet received :

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