List Of Ten Indian States Which Are More Populated Than These Ten Big Countries


We all know that India is the second most populated country in the world.But, you will be surprised to know that these ten countries are smaller than these ten Indian States.

1. Australia and Punjab

The density per sq km in Punjab is 550 and is more than that of Australia.

2. Brazil and Uttar Pradesh

Uttar Pradesh happens to be the most populated state in the country.

3. Canada and Karnataka

The population in Karnataka is 2 times of Canada.

4. Ethiopia and Maharashtra

Maharashtra also happens to be the second most populated state in India.

5. France and Gujarat

The population of France is 119 per sq km which is lesser than 308 of Gujarat.

6. Germany and Andhra Pradesh

The population of Andhra Pradesh is 308 per sq km which is a lot more than just 105 of Germany.

7. Iran and West Bengal

These statistics are very shocking as the area of West Bengal is 88,752 km sq and that of Iran is 1,628,686 km sq.

8. Phillippines and Bihar

Bihar’s area is 94,163 km sq and that of Phillippines is 298,181 km sq.

9. Sri Lanka and Kerala

The area of Kerala is 38,863 km sq and Sri Lanka is twice the area 62,703. Still less populated than Kerala.

10. United Kingdom and Madhya pradesh

The population of the United Kingdom is 271 per km sq and that of Madhya Pradesh is 555 per km sq.


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