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Reality / Nature Why You Shouldn’t Clean Your Ears With Cotton Swabs

Why You Shouldn’t Clean Your Ears With Cotton Swabs

You could be doing more harm than good when trying to clean your ears. The ear is a very sensitive area and should be cleaned appropriately. There have been plenty of reports of people ending up in the hospital over careless cleaning with cotton swabs. Here are ways to help you with your ears.

1. Years have doctors and healthcare professionals have been trying to stop people from using cotton swabs as they are not safe for your ears.

2. Pushing a cotton swab inside your ear canal can not only damage or tear your eardrum, but it can push earwax further inside and cause a blockage.

3. The purpose of earwax is to clean and lubricate the canals of your ears with its antibactarial properties. It’s a part of your body’s defense system so it’s considered healthy to have a normal amount of it..

4. When you clean your ears you should carefully remove the earwax towards the ear opening. You should gently clean the outside of your ear without pishing the swab inside the canal.

If you feel any pain in your ears and if you’re worried about the amount of wax built up, do not hesitate to contact a doctor.

5. The earwax is produced only in the outer side of your ear canal so using a cotton swab is not a bad thing if your keep in on the out and not dig inside your ear.

6. You can use this home remedy to help with removing your earwax more easily. Make sure that the water temperature isn’t very high from your own body temperature.

7. Using oils are an efficient way to clean your ears without leaving them too dry or hurt.

8. Hydrogen Peroxide is another way to help you rinse your ear if you feel like you have much to clean.

9. Using this ear syringe type of cleanser is most efficient when used with a saline solution . This is also a pretty common and efficient way of rinsing your ear.

10. If your’e having a hard time using all of the suggested above, go see a doctor. The doctor has the proper tools to help you out and he can also prescribe you with the best earwax extraction method.

11. Is ear candeling safe? -No, It’s not. In fact, medical research has shown that ear candeling is both dangerous and ineffective. This is not worth a try if you want to care for your ears..



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