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Why Vijay TV Deleted The First Promo Of Bigg Boss ?? Twitter Erupts

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Why Vijay TV Deleted The First Promo Of Bigg Boss ?? Twitter Erupts

As soon as Vijay TV deleted their first promo of Bigg Boss show’s Tuesday episode in their social media handles, users of social media platforms came up with speculations assuming that they could have deleted it due to a frame that contained Sanam’s complaint letter against Balaji Murugadoss.


The three promos that released today, showed Bigg Boss conducting a task by having wild card contestant Suchithra as a judge in an imaginary courtroom. Petitions were filed by contestants against each other and cases were investigated by the judge before giving judgement. All the three promos that got released today, were located in an artificial courtroom set.


Promo 2 showed Suresh Chakravarthy and Sanam shetty having a case against each other. Shivani, Samyuktha, Rio and Archana appeared in the court as the supporters of Suresh whereas Aari, Balaji, Anitha and Ramya made their presence as Sanam’s supporters. In the promo Suresh could be seen accusing Sanam for interrupting conversations to which Balaji replies by saying that his accusation limits the liberty of talking in the house.

When Archana says that she feels stupid of supporting Bala earlier, he could be seen replying that braveness is making the weakest win. The 3rd promo shows Suchithra serving justice in favour of Sanam shetty and Bala celebrating it.

Check out the two promos below :


Meanwhile, the first promo that got released in the channel was deleted immediately. On seeing all the social media handles of Vijay television removing the promo, netizens came up with a speculation assuming that a particular frame of a letter written by Sanam to make a complaint against Bala in the court made them to delete the promo.

In the letter, Sanam wrote that Balaji used the words “Adjustment/Compromise” to defame the beauty pageant title she received. “Used the words “Adjustment/Compromise” against a beauty pageant which I am the title holder of. This was without facts on basis of anonymous 3rd party reference was a huge” wrote Sanam in her letter.

Check out the screenshot here :

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This screenshot is going viral among the netizens with various kind of reactions. Check out some of them below :


Comment your views on these reactions from the followers of Bigg Boss show !!

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