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Why Tamil Heroines Are Posting Pictures In Black & White ??



Why Tamil Heroines Are Posting Pictures In Black & White ??

As every heroine of Tamil cinema are busy performing the challenge proposed by their friends and colleagues, Actress Andrea came up with a post explaining the actual reason behind the practice of uploading a black and white picture in Instagram. For past few days, we have been seeing posts of female models and actors posting pictures of themselves in black and white with a caption saying “Challenge accepted” to complete a challenge proposed by their friends or colleague. The viral campaign is a way for women to show appreciation for other women who inspire and support each other.


So far more than three million posts were uploaded with the hashtags “ChallengeAccepted” or #WomenSupportingWomen in Instagram. The campaign consist of women posting a black and picture of themselves, using the appropriate hashtags and including a “Thank you” to the woman who nominated them. They should nominate a number of their friends or colleagues in order to let the chain grow.

Check out some of the posts of Tamil heroines :


The campaign was started by women in Turkey who started it in their country to protest femicide. The challenge began after the killing of 27 year old Pinar Gutelkin, a turkish woman. She was allegedly killed by her boyfriend earlier this month. The incident created huge outrage in Turkey where many activists and other women alleged that it was another addition to the long list of violence related cases against women.


Sharing the picture of murder victim Pinar Gutelkin, actress Andrea, in her post said that many Indian women uploaded a black and white pictures of themselves for the sake of their friend’s challenge. She said that she wanted everyone to realize that the campaign is to stop crime against women. “so many women in India, including myself have posted #blackandwhite images of ourselves with the hashtag #challengeaccepted just coz a friend of ours nominated us, not really understanding the REAL significance of it.” Andrea wrote in her post.

Check out her post here :

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