“Why Suriya Didn’t Say Jai Hind ??” Gayathri Raguramm Questioned !!

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CM / Updated: 2022-07-06
12:19 IST

Actress cum Politician Gayathri Raguramm asked why actor Suriya didn’t say “Jai hind” like the actors of other version in “Rocketry : The Nambi Version”. The BJP member asked  whether Suriya is an India or not through her tweet. In the film, the actor said “Tamizh vaazhga” while Shah Rukh Khan who also played guest role, said “Jai Hind”.


“Rocketry : the nambi Effect” is an upcoming film based on the biography of scientist Nambi Narayanan. He was falsely accused of espionage. The film is believed to be about Narayanan’s days as a graduate student at Princeton University, before exploring his work as a scientist and the false espionage charges placed upon him. Madhavan, apart from reprising the role of Nambi Narayanan, is turning director for the first time through this project.

It is very well known that actor Suriya is playing guest role in the film after “Vikram”. Bllywood Superstar Shah Rukh Khan is doing the same role for the Hindi version. Among the many reactions that surfaced after the film’s release, actress Gayathri Raguramm who is currently representing BJP party in state Tamil nadu questioned why Suriya didn’t say “Jai Hind” at the end.

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“Suriya played gest role in “Rocketry” movie. In other languages, actors from other industries played the same role as well. In other languages, at the end of heir dialogues, actors are saying “Jai Hind” but why Suriya refused to say “Jai Hind” ?? Is he not an Indian ?? Is there no pride in identifying himself as India ??” Gayathri Raguramm asked through her tweet.

Check out her tweets below :

Several kind of reactions surfaced for the tweet and a follower said “Yes. I saw the movie. I observed that Surya did not say Jai Hind. Very sad. How did Madhavan allowed it to happen? Choice of that actor for that role is not correct and this blemish too. Are there groups openly working against integrity of India in TN and is Surya a party to it?” whereas another one wrote “If that is the case , Madhavan is responsible. He could have simply thrown Surya out of Movi and got one who loves India”

Check out some of the reactions below :

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