“Why So Much Venom Bro ?” – Maddy After Being Called Out For His Statement On Twitter Users In India !!

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CM / Updated: 2022-06-28
19:15 IST

In an interview with anchor Ramya Subramaniyam for Film companion South, actor Madhavan made a statement on the total number of twitter users in India. The actor said that there hardly 25 lakh people using twitter in the country which has population more than 100 crore. Now, a twitter user called out the actor cum filmmaker for “spewing nonstop nonsense to promote his film”, referring to the video in which Maddy talked about the Twitter users count.


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Replying to the tweet, Maddy said that he mistakenly said 25 lakh instead of 250 lakh and asked the commenter to take it easy. The “Alaipayuthe” actor also asked why so much venom and advised that it is not good for his sport as the twitter user named Srini Swaminathan identified himself as a Marathon runner and cyclist through his twitter bio.

Madhavan who is currently busy promoting his upcoming film “Rocketry : The Nambi Effect”, in an interview with Ramya Subramaniam for Film companion South, asked her to tell what percentage of country’s entire population use twitter. When the host said that she thinks 15% of people are using twitter, Madhavan denied saying that it’s just 0.2 %.


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“But Ramya I would like to tell something to the viewers, especially to those who get very much influenced by the social media platforms such as twitter. What percentage of India you think is on Twitter?? I’m not asking you to shame, I’m just asking for what perception people have” Madhavan asked Ramya in the interaction.

Ramya said that she thinks less than 15℅ of people are in Twitter and Madhavan immediately denied saying “Its just 0.2%. It’s hardly 25 lakh out of 1.4 billion people. But the entire world is circulating news reports saying that Instagram and Twitter represents people. Why people are dying out of depression?” Maddy asked.

Watch the video below :

The actor received widespread criticism for making such statement as statistics stated that 23.6 million people which is 2.36 crore people are suing twitter.  “Madhavansplaining: This @ActorMadhavan is spewing non stop nonsense to promote his film and it is only getting more and more laughable with every passing day. Isn’t there any other way to promote his film than this? 🤦🏻‍♂️” a twitter user said to express his opinion towards the actor’s statement.

Maddy who got notified by the tweet, replied to Srini saying “Easy bro.. you are a sportsman.. I am exhausted sleep deprived .so said less than 25lakhs instead of 250 lakhs .. but the point was it still less that 1.7% of the population – which was my point .. why so much venom bro.. not good for your sport ..🙈🙈”

Here’s the actor’s reply :

Earlier, Madhavan said that the scientists at ISRO relied on the Panchangam (Hindu almanac) to launch the Mars mission precisely. In his long speech, Madhavan talked about the three engines that are used to launch the rocket and explained about how foreign countries lack what advantage we have through “Panchangam”. The actor became a subject to severe online criticism then as well.

Reacting to an article which was about why Madhavan is getting trolled, the actor replied writing “🙏🙏I deserve this for calling the Almanac the “Panchang” in tamil. Very ignorant of me.🙈🙈🙈🤗🚀❤️Though this cannot take away for the fact that what was achieved with just 2 engines by us in the Mars Mission. A record by itself. @NambiNOfficial Vikas engine is a rockstar. 🚀❤️” Also Read : “Very Ignorant Of Me” – Madhavan On Getting Trolled By Netizens !!



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