“Why Should I Listen To You??” – TN FM PTR To PM Modi’s Comment On Freebies

Days ago, Prime minister Narendra Modi made a comment criticizing political parties that promises freebies to people to gain political advantage. The BJP leader said that announcing freebies and providing them would not solve the problems permanently but will become a burden to honest tax payers. Responding to the statements of India’s PM, Tamil nadu’s Prime Minister Palanivel Thiagaraja asked why should he listen to the words of PM Modi and questioned about his qualifications in finance department.

Freebies have become a point of contention between centre and the states ruled by parties that are not part of NDA. Last week, Prime minister Narendra Modi shunned the political culture of offering freebies, to score electoral victories.



Modi said people who have tendency to avoid problems by adopting short cuts for political selfishness can never solve an issue permanently. “Those adopting short cuts may get applause for sometime and may gain political advantage but that does not solve the problem. Adopting a short cut will definitely result in a short circuit” PM Modi said.

“If there is selfishness in politics, then anyone can come and announce free petrol and diesel. Such steps will take away the rights of our children and prevent the country from becoming self reliant. Due to such selfish policies, the burden on honest tax payers of the country will also increase” he said.

Statement of the Prime minister made it to the headlines and a discussion was conducted in a national television. Tamil nadu’s finance minister Palanivel Thiagarajan also took part in the show and was asked comment on the perspective of Modi.


Starting his answer by issuing an apology for having to leave at 7 : 30 as he has other things to do, the finance minister questioned what eligibility Modi has to make others listen to him.

“Either you must have a constitutional basis to say what you are saying in which case we all listen or you must have special expertise you must be double PhD in economics or you must have noble prize or you must have something that tells us you know better than us. or you must have a performance track record that you have grown the economy wonderfully or you brought down debt, you have increased the per capita income, you have created jobs . oh we will listen” PTR said while reacting to the question asked to him.

Watch the video below :

“But neither of this true, why we should listen to somebody’s view , what makes that gold standard, what makes that the word of god, I am believer, I believe in god, I don’t think any man is god. why should i take somebody’s perspective Election gave me the right to do, my Chief Minister gave me a job to do. I am doing it well. I am outperforming the Union government by a lot, I guarantee we will continue to do so far the next 3 years , we are huge net contributors to the union exchequer. Huge, 1 rupee goes and we hardly get 30, 33 paise, what more you want me to do. why should I Listen on what basis. Do you have constitutional basis? No Are you a financial expert? No Do you have noble prize? No. Have you performed better than us? No On what basis should I change my policy for you, is this some extra constitutional dictate coming from heaven. what are you talking about” PTR expressed his frustration.

Check out some of the reactions that surfaced regarding the answer provided by the state’s finance minister :


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