Why Ramya’s Brother Called Som “Macha”? – Former BB Contestant Questioned

Daniel Annie Pope, former Bigg Boss contestant questioned why Ramya Pandiyan’s brother called Soma shekar as “Macha” after meeting him for the first time inside the Bigg Boss house. After spending 80 plus days inside the Bigg Boss house, the contestants finally got a chance to meet their dear ones. As a part of their luxury budget task, Bigg Boss would ask contestants to perform “freeze”, “loop”, “rewind”, “forward” and would send the parents of the contestants inside the house to surprise them.

The most popular freeze task in Bigg Boss Tamil started on Tuesday and left the viewers of it in utter shock as Shivani’s mother entered the house and severely condemned her daughter for flirting with Balaji Murugadoss without playing a game on her own. After that, brother of Balaji Murugadoss, wife of Rio Raj, Mother and brother of Ramya Pandiyan, brother of Som entered the house.

Ramya Pandiyan’s brother Parasu Pandiyan entered the house first as made her happy. When he entered the house, except Ramya Pandiyan, almost all the other contestants were in “freeze” mode and Parasu greeted all of them. After meeting Shivani and Balaji Murugadoss, Parasu met Som and said “Hi Macha, How are you?” before hugging him.

On seeing this, Danny who is known for acting in films such as “Itharku Thaane aasai pattai Balakumara”, “Yaamirukka bayame”, “Polladhavan” uploaded a story in his Instagram account asking why he called Som as “Macha”. “Why Ramya brother called Som, hi macha !'” Danny’s Instagram story read.

Check out the screenshot of his story below :

Many other viewers of the show questioned the same and posted tweets in the micro blogging social media platform.

The “Ulaganayagan” hosting reality game show got inaugurated on 4th of October with 14 plus TV and cinema celebrities. Bigg Boss is a show that is being widely watched by families in Tamil nadu. The show which identifies itself as a miniature of this entire world, connects with the family audience easily due to the problems and confrontations that are taking place between the contestants in daily basis.

The reality game show functions based on the votes of the audience. A contestant who gets less number of votes from the audience would be evicted each week. Ramya Pandiyan, Shivani Narayanan, Ajeedh, Gabriella, Somashekar are the nominated contestants for this week.


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