“Why Priyanka Always Targeting Akshara? ” – Fans Questioning

After seeing one of the recent promos of Bigg Boss show, fans has been questioning why Priyanka is constantly targeting Akshara Reddy since the inaugural episode. A number of fans claimed that the TV host is insecure about the potential fan base the model could gain in future. Many other reactions on the same is flooding the social media platforms as well.



Having Ulaganaayagan Kamal Haasan as host for one more time, season 5 of Bigg Boss show started streaming recently. Showing the newly renovated house, Kamal addressed the audience who were appeared in person this time in the auditorium, unlike the two previous seasons. He introduced the participants one by one by asking them tell about their profession, personal interests etc. In the inaugural episode which streamed for 6 plus hours, singing and dancing performances of the participants were also took place to entertain the audience, along with the contestants giving self introductions.

Isai Vaani, popular Gana singer, Raju Jayamohan, aspiring actor cum serial star, Mathumitha, a German citizen who is involved in fashion designing, modelling and IT profession, Abishek Raaja, a popular movie reviewer, Namitha Marimuthu, a famous transgender Model were the first five contestants entered the house as contestants.

Priyanka Deshpane of Super singer fame, Abhinay Vaddi, grandson of legendary actor Gemini Ganesan, Pavni of Chinna Thambi fame, Folk singer Chinna Ponnu, Nadia Chang who hails from Malaysia, Varun Kamal, another aspiring actor, Imman annachi of Kutties Chutties fame, Suruthi Hayadevan, Akshara Reddy were introduced as contestants next.



Namitha Marithu, during her narration, walked audience through the hardship she went through as a transgender. Despite of all the odds, she managed to become a prominent model and requested parents to provide education to their LGBTQ children. Her speech won hearts with her co-contestants providing hearts. Now, to our shock, reports emerged saying that she walked out of the show in her own will.

For the past two weeks, a task named “oru kadha sollatumaa” is being conducted inside the bigg boss house and the contestants has been telling the story about their personal life to their co-contestants and audience. Now, in a recent promo, Bigg Boss ordered the contestants to name the least to best contestants of the week.

While following his words, Priyanka could be seen naming Akshara Reddy as a weak performer. She says Akshara is getting absconded among the crowd by being inactive.

Watch the promo below :


Ardent followers of the show who are watching it since very long time, claimed that Priyanka is targeting Akshara as she sees her a strong performer. “Priyanka is undoubtedly an amazing entertainer ♥️. But she fears Akshara and Pavani will have a great Army outside which May distrust her victory” a follower said in his/her tweet whereas another one said “is #Priyanka insecure about #Akshara !? i dont really feel or even watched an episode where #Akshara being that lousy! Dear #PriyankaDeshpande do not preach something which you cannot justify!”

Check out some of such reactions below :


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