“Why Is Even Following Her?” Netizens Questioned Modi !!


A viral screenshot of Prime minister Narendra Modi following a random china based female’s twitter account is doing rounds in social media platforms since Friday. The screenshots showed Prime minister Narendra Modi’s twitter account which has 6 crore plus followers, following a random china woman. Many shared the online activity of the twitter account and questioned what’s so special about her whereas a man came into the picture claiming that it is his account that got hacked.

“We all know that PM Narendra Modi follows some of the vilest trolls on Twitter. But this is new. This is the result of buying trolls & fake followers from overseas bot factories. Modi will literally compromise his own account purely for validation (even if it’s paid & fake).” wrote one of a twitter user on seeing our PM following her. Check out some of the reactions below :

Moments later, the twitter account’s handle name was changed into “Diptarub Chakraborti”. The one who handles it said that it got hacked by a hacker. “Why should someone hack a profile which had just 2.2k followers. Hey hacker, I am a nobody and in the process you made our PM unfollow me.” the first tweet of the account said.

When one of a follower asked why Modi followed him in the first place, Diptarup said that it is because he is great.

comment your views on these tweets strange Twitter activities of Diptarup !!


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