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7 years ago

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just the name brings a huge smile on our faces. Living in such a beautiful
city, we can take pride in saying that it is one of the safest cities to live
in. Be it education or partying hard no other city can beat us and we welcome
everyone with open arms!
1. Terrific Transport System.  Commuting in safe ways!
Chennai has
the best transport facilities from buses to railways and metro to airways. Not
just providing sophistication but also safety is what Chennai transport aims at.
You can feel secure to travel at any time. Be it rain or floods and we’ll have
at least one mode of transport working for people’s service.
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2. Respect and Safety for women.

Can any
place be safe for women when she’s alone or walking in the middle of the night?
Yes, Chennai is. We have such fear-free environment for the ladies and you can
see protection all over the city. We also have helpline numbers that we can
contact at any time for our rescue. ( You can dial 1091, which is a 24-hour
helpline manned by three women cops of Chennai city police.)
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3. Innovative help lines , to the rescue!
The recent
launch of two-wheeler ambulance service can help so many victims and save their
lives in the nick of time. They are deployed in major junctions of the city.Also, our
Chennai people’s gesture towards paving way for the ambulance is such a commendable
act. It shows what humanity is and how 
we readily help our fellow citizens.

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4. Active City.  Day or night, we shine bright. 🙂
Chennai is
full of life anywhere and anytime. You will always find the city active and
bursting with people from day to dawn. It gives you a sense of security and a
feeling of being at-home always. Surrounded by friendly people can instantly
make you feel better!

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5. Cops to the rescue!

Chennai city
police is one of the finest cops in our nation. Giving us their undivided
attention at all times and protecting us at major crises, they do an
outstanding service. If the crime rate is less in our city, we have to actually
thank our police system for that.
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6. Awareness is the key!

Nothing can
be solved that awareness cannot. Creating awareness has been a major
breakthrough. We have incorporated the habit of making people aware of safety
and security right from schools, colleges and workplace. It gives the required
exposure to people and make them stay safe. Also, it helps them in self-defence
and active ways in helping others during the times of need.


7. No Terrorism

We can
proudly say that Chennai has faced such less terrorist-related attacks. Because
of our police protection or friendly people, we are blessed to be a city of
peace. No amount of caste or religion indifference can create a ridge among us
and we sure know how to maintain the harmony and stay united 🙂
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8.Secure Systems.

Our city has
such well organised laws and rules which makes us safer in every possible way.
Following  traffic rules has ensured
safety on roads. Night rules for drink and drive has avoided all major
accidents. Safety measures for women has brought security . We also have cctv
cameras to monitor all the city activities.

CCTV camera

9. Our very own people.  We are what the city is made of!
A city gets
its fame and love by it’s people. Chennai is full of such lovely people, who
know to spread love and be helpful. Their friendly nature and warm welcoming
tendency is what make us stand out. We always welcome people from other parts
of the country with a warm smile, give them all that they need and make them
one among us. I haven’t seen one single person who has come to Chennai without
falling in love with the city! We offer whatever we have with a big heart and a
wide smile 🙂

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10. The Reliability Ratio

that you come across in Chennai is reliable. As simple as trusting your cab
driver that he will drop you home safely, to believing that an auto  driver will bring back your lost goods, these
thing happens in our city and makes sure that humanity still exists here. You
can’t deny that Chennai becomes your home once you open your soul to her and
she embraces you back with equal love! 🙂
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