Why ECR is so SPOOKY in the night!

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When someone talks about the East Coast road, popularly known as ECR, the first thing that comes to our mind is it’s scenic beauty. It’s a two lane highway connecting Chennai to Cuddalore via Pondicherry. It has a lot of tourist spots which will attract people and it’s the best place for a perfect road trip or just a long drive any day! The beach just adds to it’s charm and nobody can stop themselves from visiting this place!

Though ECR has been loved by all for it’s beauty and awesome road experience, we can’t deny the fact that its also prone to some paranormal activities. The night rides has been scary for many and a lot of spooky confessions have been reported by people!
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It has been said that a girl, who died in an accident in this very road, has been haunting this place ever since. Many drivers and people who have driven here at night have sworn to have seen a sudden appearance of the girl. They have also experienced a drop in the atmosphere, feeling a chillness.
One such confession was reported about the girl. “It was a May night when i was driving through this road at night. It was calm and a pin drop silence existed as my wrist watch clocked 12. I was enjoying my journey as it was a smooth drive. It would have been a pleasant drive to my home if i hadn’t experienced it. I saw an apparition in the middle of the road. It seemed a white dressed girl standing in front of me as i applied the break hard. I got conscious next morning in the hospital nearby.”

The lovely beach nearby is also believed to be haunted and is called the ‘GHOST BEACH’. After the horrible attack of Tsunami in 2004, an entire fisherman village was washed away. Thus the place is haunted, hence getting its name. It is said that the spirits of the dead fishermen haunt and roam the place at night.
A confession on this, “We decided to go to the beach before 12 on new year eve and party there. Not a good idea, but we wanted to do something different and went. We weren’t scared when we reached. My friends started talking about their deceased girlfriend and mother, and we started feeling gloomy. We started drinking and suddenly heard a woman screaming. She was calling for help. We wanted to help and started the car to turn on the lights. We could not see anybody so we started running towards the voice. But we realized it is a deserted place and nobody will be there and that too a woman. We left the place immediately and started the car but saw a old woman running towards us, gaining speed. Luckily we came to the highway and sped to the city limits.
On further inquiry, the locals near the place said that it is common to see the old woman at night. Its believed that she was calling for help in the day of Tsunami attack. But since no one could help, she died there. So when she sees people she runs towards them calling for help!
There are so many such stories and confessions about ECR paranormal activities. Its downright scary and spooky to know that such a beautiful place also holds some of the most depressing scary tales. All in all its better to avoid this place at night times and enjoy the driving experience during day!!


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