Why Does This Political Party Say “Kamal Should be shot dead Or Hanged”?

Day after veteran actor Kamal Haasan said ‘hindu terror’ does exist, the Akhil Bharatiya Hindu Mahasabha on Friday said he and the likes of him “should be shot dead or hanged” for using abusive language for people belonging to Hindu faith.

“Kamal Haasan and likes of him should either be shot dead or hanged so that they learn a lesson. Any person who uses abusive language for people belonging to Hindu faith does not have the right to live on this holy land and they should get death in return of their remarks,” the Times of India quoted Pandit Ashok Sharma, national vice president of the outfit as saying.

“All the party members have pledged that we will boycott all the movies which star him (Haasan) and his family members. In fact, all the Indians should pledge the same. The people who insult Hindus and their religion should not be forgiven,” said Abhishek Agarwal, Meerut president of the outfit.

akhil bharat hindu mahasabha

In his column in a Tamil magazine that had hit the stands on Thursday, the 62-year-old actor had said that the right-wingers could no longer say “show me a Hindu terrorist if you can; terrorism has spread into their fold too.”

The actor said this as a reply to Kerala chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan’s question. Who had asked for the actor’s opinion on “the attempt by Hindutva forces to infiltrate into Tamil Nadu.”


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