“Why Can’t A Woman Embrace Her Hotness??” – Emerging VJ Slammed Toxic Commenters

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2 months ago

VJ Parvathy who rose to fame after hosting shows for Galatta YouTube channel, through one of her recent posts, slammed a group of Instagram users who dropped sexist comments under on of her recent posts. She questioned the misleading comments and wondered why a women is not allowed to what she wears and live her life in her own way.

Parvathy who is presenting shows and interviewing celebrities for “Galatta” youtube channel, rose to fame among the Internet audience after interviewing actor, music director, filmmaker Hip Hop Aadhi. She is enjoying a huge sum of followers in social media platforms and is engaging her followers by uploading the pictures from her photoshoots with motivational quotes and with quotes that defines herself.

She who recently made her Kollywood debut through Hip Hop Aadhi’s “Sivakumarin Sabatham”, is known for giving back to toxic followers who abuse her through online platforms.

Most lately, she uploaded a series of pictures of herself official Instagram handle with a caption that said “Slay in your own lane”.

Here’s her post :

Among the man who commented on the post, a group started personally attacking Parvathy by assassinating her character based on the cloth she was wearing. Taking note of them, She came up with a long story in her story space to shut such toxic online users once and for all.

“I could see a lot of rubbish sexist comments for my recent post. Why do you guys react in the most horrible way each and every time when a random women dress up a bit more modern or sexy ? Why can’t a women embrace her hotness ? Why can’t she express herself in her own way in her own damn social media ?” She questioned.

“I understand we are in India, Tamil Nadu and we are way more traditional ( bullshit).
l also understand social media is democratic and anyone can comment anything. But my point is why always degrade a women and judge her character by her choice of dress ? Why Always judge her character when she breaks certain rules ?” She further asked.

“Why Always project her wrong when she gets an expensive stuff when she is still young ?I saw so many misleading comments on questioning my career when I announced my first car purchase. Damnnnn. Whyyy so jealous !? The reason for so many negativity for a women in social media world is that we have been raised in a certain way. The men works, women cooks. But now things are changing, definitely women are growing up wayyyy moreeee fast in all possible fields. It has seriously become a tough competition” her post further read.

“Naturally this patriarchy society always praises a men but if the same achievement is done by a women, then she will be severely trolled or character attacked. I’m not here to accuse all the men or praise the women. I’m just questioning why so judgmental irrespective of the gender. Anyway, let’s just Fuck Off and let’s keep doing our shit and mind our own business” She concluded.

Here’s the screenshot of her story :

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