Why ATM Pins Have Only 4-Digit Code?

Ever perplexed why most ATM pin have
only four digits? Wouldn’t it be more intellectual if the PIN was longer
for security purpose and tough to guess for others? Just like our long and hard
email passwords as they are 6 letters or more. 
Well, Scottish
inventor John Adrian Shepherd-Barron,
the man who pioneered the development of the ATM machine, had also proposed a
6-digit PIN.
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Barron, born in Shillong, son to a Wimbledon
ladies doubles champion Dorothy Barron, was very creative and innovative since
childhood. Let’s talk about the history of Automated
Teller Machine
 which is operational since 1967. ATM have been around
for 5 decades now one of the most commodious inventions till date. ATMs
are now installed across the globes, making it super convenient for those who
have debit or credit cards. A simple and silly to withdraw money anytime,
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But if a burglar or thief steal your card, the only
wall securing your money is your 4-digit ATM PIN. But, for a hacker, this
is quite easy, isn’t it? Then why ATM pins have only 4-digit code.
His idea to keep a 6-digit PIN for ATM cards was rejected
because Scot’s wife Caroline was not able to remember a 6-digit code. The
longest string of number that Scot’s wife was capable of remembering is four. 
John Shepherd Barron
Reportedly, 6 numbers stringed together were too much information for her to
recall. This made Scot to keep 4-digit Pin of ATM cards.


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