“Who Will Get Vaccine When There’s No Vaccine ??” HC Slammed Centre

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2 years ago

On Thursday, Delhi High court questioned Centre for the caller tune that is being used for the awareness of COVID 19 vaccination drive and made a remark on the shortage of vaccines. “You have been playing that one irritating message on the phone whenever one makes a phone call, for we do not know how long, that you (people) should have the vaccination, when you ( Centre) have enough vaccine” a bench of justices Vipin Sanghi and Rekha Palli addressed.


They said that the centre is not vaccinating people but it still wants people to get vaccinated. “Who will get vaccination when there is no vaccine ??” they questioned. “What is the point of the message ??” they further asked. “You should give it to everyone. Even if you are going to take money, give it. That is what even Children are saying” said the bench which wanted the government to act “innovative” while initiating such things.


The court wanted the government to prepare more messages to convey the different stages of the vaccine delivery, instead of running one message repeatedly. “Be it state or Centre, a government should react to the ground situation” the court said. The government wanted TV anchors and programme producers to create content to make people aware about the use of oxygen concentrators and cylinders or on oxygen vaccination. Court also expect celebrities to intervene and wanted such moves to be made soon.

The court wanted more publicity and propaganda , comparing to last year where people are advised to use mask and wash hands through various mediums. “There should be similar initiatives on the usage of oxygen cylinders, concentrators, medications and others” the court said. “We are losing time and there should be a sense of emergency” the bench which directed the government to file report on May 18 said. It wanted a report on the steps they are going to take to disseminate information on COVID 19 management through print, TV and dialer tune mediums.

As soon as the statement of the court surfaced, social media users who have been hearing the caller tune all these days, started trolling the government. “I thought I am alone in this but even the court felt the same” a social media user said. Check out some of the reactions below :



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