“Who Created Nature?” Director’s Reply To Sumanth Raman Goes Viral !!

A debate took place between seasoned Television anchor Sumanth Raman and Film director cum actor Naveen Mohamedali after the latter made a strong statement suggesting people to read history and science instead of reading Bible and Quran to know about how the world got appeared. Countering his statement, Sumanth Raman demanded the filmmaker to answer on who/which created the world. He said that there thousand questions are being unanswered in Science. He further questioned who created nature through one of his tweets and Naveen’s reply to it goes viral in the micro blogging social media site.



Naveen who directed “Moodar Koodam” is very much interactive with his followers in Twitter. Being followed by nearly one lakh twitter users, he recently made a statement saying “Reading science and history is enough to know that the earth was not created by religions and Gods. One shouldn’t search for history in Bible and Quran” he said through his statement.

Replying to this, Sumanth Raman asked him to state the actual reason. “Then you tell me which is the reason. Thousands of questions couldn’t be answered by the science” he said.


Further, to a tweet of an environmentalist who said that “science of nature” is the greatest science of all time, Sumanth asked who created “nature”.

Replying to his question, Naveen said, “It is being called “Nature” because it got created naturally” by writing “இயற்கையாக உருவானதால்தான் அதற்கு பெயர் இயற்கை”

The tweet garnered 3k plus likes with several RTs. However Sumanth didn’t stop there as he came up with another counter saying that Naveen says that got created naturally just because he doesn’t now who created it.

Check out some of the reactions for tweet exchange of the duo :



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