“Who Are You ?” Asked Girl To Siddharth For Making A Statement On Mass Vaccination !! Actor Replied

Along with many other cinema celebrities, actor Siddharth has been constantly suggesting people to get vaccinated and has been asking them to demand government to provide vaccines. On Friday, he made a statement on corporate companies in India mass vaccinating their employees. He said that Government, currently disallowed corporate vaccination drives. When a follower said that corporate vaccination is being progressed, Siddharth said that he personally spoke to several companies regarding the same.


When the actor disclosed about the details on what he know about Government mass vaccinating their employees, a twitter user named Motavi whose bio says that she is a “writer” and “Proud Hindu”, asked who Siddharth is to talk to corporate companies personally. The reply made by the actor garnered huge attention and he continued to influence people on getting vaccinated. He asked them to be angry if they didn’t get the vaccine despite of being an eligible citizen of India.

“Should corporates in India be allowed to mass vaccinate their employees? Currently, corporate vaccination drives are being disallowed by the Government. Make big corporates responsible and use their abilities to achieve faster vaccination.” first tweet of the actor read.


“Vaccination drives from corporates are already taking place and is going to increase from first week of June. Where does it say it is disallowed by the Govt?” a user said to which Siddharth replied saying “Spoke personally to several companies that have requested complete responsibilty of their employees. They have been told that they will be informed how many people they can vaccinate and when by the Government. They are waiting for vaccine allotment by quota.”

On seeing this reply of Siddharth, a twitter user named Motavi, mocking asked “Personally…Who are you ???”. Without losing nerves, Siddharth simply replied writing “A person.” and garnered 5 K likes so far.

“Corporates and states willing to buy vaccines directly are unable to. Why? Meanwhile some states are reporting existing stocks going unused. Why? Is there need for new official mass communication regarding the vaccine. At this rate when will India be reasonably vaccinated?” Siddharth said in his next tweet.


He further asked the people of the country to be angry if they couldn’t get their vaccine and also mocked the government by writing “India’s top vaccine is… NO-VACCINE.” in one of his tweets.


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