“Where Is The Foreign Aid That Was Given ??” – Kollywood Actress Questioned The Demise Of 11 Patients

  • Actress
  • Amyra Dastur
CM / Updated: 2021-05-11
19:06 IST

On Monday, 11 patients who were getting treatment after getting infected with COVID 19 virus in the ICU of Sri Venkateswara Ramnarain Ruia Government General Hospital at Tirupati, died due to lack of oxygen after a tanker with the gas got leaked by minutes. The tragedy took place in the largest hospital in the region of Andhra Pradesh.


It is reported that 1000 more people are getting treated in the hospital and the demise of the 11 people was confirmed by District collected M Hari Narayana. He said that the patients who were surviving with the help of oxygen cylinder died. According to officials, the oxygen pressure started dropping after 8 : 30 PM and died within few minutes, before the supply was restored by them. Enraged relatives, broke into the COVID ICU and damaged some equipment before overturning tables that contained medicines and injections.


Nurses and Doctors fled the ICU fearing for their safety and returned only after police arrived at the spot to control the mob. Demise of the 11 patients shook the entire country with people questioning the government for the lack of medical facilities. Actress Amyra Dastur who is known among tamil audience for acting in films such as “Anegan”, “Bhageera”, came up with a tweet terming the deaths as “murder”.

The actres said that she couldn’t understand and questioned the whereabouts of oxygen cylinders that were received from foreign countries as aid. She wondered where the O2 cylinders, ventilators and other COVID 19 resources that she witnessed in news channels went. Amyra believed that the deaths are not happening because of COVID 19 virus but because of the lack of medical facilities.



She who termed the 11 deaths as “Murder”, wrote “I don’t understand! Where is the foreign aid that was given?! All the pictures of O2 cylinders, ventilators & other #CovidResources we saw at airports! This cannot be happening! They’re not dying of #COVID19 , they’re dying of lack of facilities for treatment & that’s Murder!” iin her tweet.

Check out the tweet of the actress :

Earlier, Amyra condemned Uttar Pradesh Chief minister Yogi Adithyanath through one of her tweets. Quoting a news about one of the statements of Yogi Adithyanath, Amyra wrote “At a time like this! I truly hope the world sees this! India will NOT be ruled by Gundas! #StayStrongIndia. We will overcome it all! Jai Hind!” in her tweet.


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