When Sai Pallavi Refused 2 Crores Offered By A Fairness Cream Brand, Guess Who Took It Up !!

Actress Sai Pallavi who rose to fame among South Indian youngsters through her presence on Alphonse Putharen’s “Premam”, refused to endorse fairness cream products despite of a huge sum of amount she was offered. The actress said that she couldn’t agree with people who are measuring the beauty of an individual based on his/her fairness level.


According to a report that surfaced in India Today a year ago, Sai Pallavi has rejected a deal worth Rs 2 crores and has shown sense of responsibility by turning down this offer. The actress is known for simple and de-glam roles, and well, apparently, she decided not to endorse anything that she doesn’t believe in. Endorsing a fairness cream is against her policy.

Sai Pallavi Twitter

Talking about it to Behindwoods youtube channel, Sai Pallavi said that she wants to break the stereotype of girls believing being fair is beauty. “When my younger sister Pooja thought that I look more fair than her and wanted to become fairer, I advised her to eat vegetables and fruits. Though she doesn’t likes them, she started eating them to become fair which made me think it should be changed.” Sai Pallavi said in the interview.

“With the money I am getting for that ad, I am however going to eat and do what I am doing today. But what I wanted is the change in people’s mindset around me. This is the colour of Indians. We couldn’t tell foreigners that their color will give them cancer.”

Watch the video below from 11th minute :

Source : Behindwoods


“Even I had these insecurities till doing Premam. When Alphonse asked me to appear in screen without make ups and haircut, I questioned him. Even today if I pick up a call the person in the other end will think that I am male because of my voice. So in whatever the way I had to change those insecurities, I tried to change it. This is the reason why I turned that opportunity down.” the Premam actress said.

According to JFW online, the offer that was turned down by Sai Pallavi was took up by Aishwarya Rajesh of “Kaaka Muttai” fame. Though it is not sure whether Aishwarya took up the same brand, the actress replied to the criticisms when the advertisement released last year.

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According to reports, When the branch officials approached Aishwarya Rajesh to act in the ad, the actress, initially laughed out loud, as everyone knows she is dusky and had also said that she likes this color and also felt sad on dusky skinned people longing for fair skin.

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The actress further said that she accepted to do the ad after hearing an answer from the team when she asked them why she chose her. She said that she got impressed after realizing that the cream is just to enhance the “glow” of the the skin not to make it fair.


The actress also came to know that the ad that she was about to do doesn’t contained the measurement card that will show the amount of fairness the cream will increase in a human’s face. Only after getting these things mentioned in the agreement, Aishwarya accepted to do the ad. Aishwarya rajesh also questioned media why they are not questioning the actors who are endorsing harmful products.

Watch the advertisement of Aishwarya Rajesh here :

FAIR & LOVELY – Aishwarya Rajesh from Anand Iyer on Vimeo.


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